R Black

South Asia natural stones is one of the finest quarries which produce blue dot Rajasthan black granite with very best sizes and with huge volume production. Rajasthan black granite is a type of basic rock, known by the geological name of dolerites. Our black granite come with high polish and display uniform grain size and texture. The rock can be cut into thin slabs as per the requirements. They are mostly used in memorials, base of heavy machineries surface plates, etc.

Rajasthan Black Granite is perfect for Exterior as well as interior walls and floor applications, countertops, stairs, window sills, mosaic, monuments, etc., Generally, you may consider this granite as a good option for countertops and flooring. When place in the right direction, this granite makes beautiful patterns. The Rajasthan Black Granite is also known for its shine and colour. The stylish appearance complements the modern-day home and stainless-steel appliances.